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Immortal Coil (A Dragon Spirit Novel, Book 1)

Immortal Coil - C.I. Black Future Self,who would have thought that a freebie would be so good? For some reasons I expected this really stereotypical, filled-with-clichés, guilty pleasure Paranormal Romance. And to some extends I'll admit that I got it, but it wasn't just sex with some story, but story with some sex. (And those scenes were rather short, if I recall correctly.) That was a very pleasant surprise and I'm glad that I gave Immortal Coil a try. It starts with a scene written in the hero's, Hunter's, point of view. He's trying to escape from a curse cast by some Greek folks, desperate and angry. He has to leave his real body, that of a dragon. It's later explained that this ability to body-switch has been given to all of the dragons by their 'God', the Mother of All. Then we immediately switch to Anaea's point of view. The heroine of this story is suicidal after being told that her cancer is not curable. After chemo, operations and so on, she had hoped to finally get on with life. Unfortunately she has only a few more months left to live. Standing on the bridge, contemplating life and death, her ex-husband, her estranged family, she suddenly meets Hunter. He tries to talk her out of jumping off the bridge when suddenly they get attacked and both fall into the water, where he kisses her and body-jumps again. But body-sharing is forbidden for dragons. It's possible to drive them crazy, and even if not, they have to kill their human hosts afterwards, because those a. can't know about dragons and body-sharing makes keeping that secret a little hard, and b. the connection of dragon-spirit and body often results in awakening humans' natural bond to magic. Only twenty percent or so of us apparently have that, but many dragons are deeply afraid of humans with magic, because the Greek guys who almost killed them used magic as well.Too bad that Anaea has a stronger mind than Hunter, can push through all the walls he builds to keep his identity a secret, and gets hold of her body again, despite him being in it. But they start to build some sort of partnership, and the more Anaea fights for her life (and his) the more he falls for her, until in the end he realizes that she is his lifemate. (One would say “Too bad that her life is so darn short”, but don't worry. His spirit being in her completely cured it.) As much as I would enjoy talking about the rest, like the side-characters, I'll try to keep it short from now on. The plot basically revolves around other dragons trying to steal the medallion Hunter owns, a medallion that makes reincarnation possible and him trying to keep his body-sharing-thing a secret, while plotting how to get out of the dragons' realm to get Anaea to safety. The romance was not bad, but it wasn't very satisfying or captivating either. I very much enjoyed the fact that while they shared a body there was little they could do. They build a bond, though, and that was nice. So nice, in fact, that I wish the author had explored it further. Hunter was so stoic and un-funny at times. -sigh- Actually, the whole story had few really funny scenes or moments, which is sad. I know that it was a serious story, but there should be some time for a Funny here and there. But back to the romance: I really had an issue with the body he got after Anaea's, despite the fact that she obviously was able to deal with it in the end. It just felt wrong to me, ya know. (Don't worry, it wasn't her brother or something horrible like that.) Moving on, there are few things that bothered me. Despite its flaws, Immortal Coil was really good. I hope the author will write as fast as she (she?) can. There aren't many dragon-stories that I have read so far, but this one seems to be the first one I actually enjoyed reading.