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Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey
Lois H. Gresh, Heather Graham, Midori, Sylvia Day, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Hope Tarr, Marc Shapiro, Jennifer Armintrout, Cecilia Tan, M. Christian, Ryan Field, Debra Hyde, Katharine Sands, Lori Perkins, Pamela Madsen, Judith Regan, Catherine Hiller, D.L. King, Lyss Stern, Rak
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My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon

Summer Days (Fool's Gold, Book 7)

Summer Days - Susan Mallery Read my review here on BookExhibitionism.deDear Patri­cia,the author who con­vinced you to give Con­tem­po­rary Romance nov­els was Julie James. Authors like Susan Mallery are the rea­son why I feel like that was a good choice.Sum­mer Days is set in a lovely small­town called Fool’s Gold. I usu­ally have some issues with small town set­tings because I am liv­ing in one and either think the por­trayel is over the top or way too real­is­tic. For some rea­sons, though, I had no prob­lems at all with Sum­mer Days’ set­ting and enjoyed the read a lot. It was funny, light and I now plan to one day buy myself an Elephant.The two pro­tag­o­nists of this book were on dif­fer­ent sides of a law­suit: Heidi’s grand­fa­ther stole money from Rafe’s mom for a good friend who would have died with­out the med­ical treat­ment that has been paid with the stolen money, but despite the good inten­tions, it’s still a crime, and with Rafe’s past it’s even worse.So, the con­flict felt real enough and the plot wasn’t annoy­ing despite it’s pre­dictabil­ity, plus the romance was very sweet. Sum­mer Days did not blow my mind, but I highly enjoyed it. Partly because I was in the mood, but also because Mallery really did a great job at cre­at­ing this love­able town with warm, accept­ing and car­ing people. : )Heidi and Rafe were cute together, became friends, were self-aware, had real issues and all these things that peo­ple appre­ci­ate about romance pro­tag­o­nists, but it wasn’t just them but their fam­i­lies and friends who made this novel so enjoy­able. I would even go as far and say that with­out them this book would have been mediocre.Future Self, please, please, please buy more books writ­ten by Susan Mallery! There is already one on my tbr pile, and I am pretty sure that by the time this review is finally posted (sched­uled review, yay) I will either have read it or at least feel hor­ri­bly ashamed about the fact that I haven’t. More please!Sin­cerely,Patri­cia