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Poughkeepsie (Poughkeepsie, #1) - Debra Anastasia I have a problem with this: It was a Twilight Fan Fiction. Everything I loved about it, now seems.. tainted. GAH!First thoughts:1. The first time I heard Poughkeepsie and really listened to the person who said the word, was when I was ~12 years old and watched the first or second season of Desperate Housewives, when Bree and her husband try to get into the BDSM stuff. It was a safe word.. 2. This book actually had several flaws, but I can't point them out. The story felt very long. Not slow, but long. (You know, the complete opposite of a PC Cast novel.) And that might be why sometimes the execution wasn't as perfect as it could have been, if the plot had been shorter. But the story needed to be as long, I think.3. In a way the blurb promises more than the reader gets, in other ways this novel dishes out something stunning. I started reading the novel and thought I wouldn't get any other pov than the heroine's, but in the end it was narrated by several people. I got two beta romantic couples, some life lessons about love and selfworth and growth. Plus the real bad guys or the guys who are bad, but actually absolutely good. 4. Poughkeepsie mad eme think about a few things, too. I really liked the murderer, pimp, drugdealer etc., because of the way he was portrayed and I think that is one of these things - As an outsider it's easy to say that this person is bad. And what he is doing isn't good, but his intentions were. Except that there should have been other options.. If the world was perfect, there would have been. But then he wouldn't have needed any options to protect his 'family', right? Well, so it got me thinking and I think this is another thing I liked - It wasn't like I felt like crying the whole time, but I really thought about the characters - All of them. It's nice to have 'real' characters. : )5. But imagine all the plotlines. It's much, really. It's a fast read, it took me < 5 hours I think. But it felt like a tv show, a whole season. I would love to see Poughkeepsie get adapted, but this novel alone was a full season where other books really don't justify the 1 book = 1 season agenda. 6. This sounds like a lot that could be critized, but I LOVED the story. I don't say such things lightly, but if you're looking for a good, not that light, contemporary novel, I would recommend this. I'm not sure if everyone'll love it but I really enjoyed the read.7. I want more novels written by this author and I'm sure I'll buy at least Crushed Seraphim as a paperback (and order Poughkeepsie as a paperback as well. I don't like my ebook. The cover is worth the money, right?)