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Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After: Book Four in the Bride Quartet - Nora Roberts I don't really know what to think about Nora Roberts. She's obviously a very popular author, but so is Stephenie Meyer. And there are many successfull people in the world, I wouldn't consider as anyone I'd like to meet or spend time with or whose work I enjoy, even if I can admit that they do have some sort of talent.Roberts does write stories people want to read, but I'm not really one of them. I liked the series, because the idea behind it seemed good. But I don't enjoy Roberts' slow pacing. There is often no real plot, neither externally nor externally driven. I don't like the characters' attitude and beliefs, I really can't appreciate how certain things are portrayed in Roberts' novels.But I do admit that this one was my favorite in the series. My librarian is a big fan of Roberts, but she doesn't buy English books, so I had to order it as a Kindle ebook. I really wanted to read more about Parker and from what I had seen, I also was curious about Mal. I couldn't really help myself.Parker is a real workaholic and I actually expected her to suffer a little from it. Everyone depends on her and relies on her. The three other women always know that Parker will have their backs, but Parker doesn't have this safety-net. She isn't allowed to do mistakes, but she never thought about it. She enjoyed it. And although it's nice to have someone who doesn't bitch, it's also a little annoying.She works out everyday, she's up for several hours, she has the perfect body and works so damn hard.. But you gotta wonder: Where does that come from? Roberts only tells the reader that Parker is a workaholic and makes her work, but there's something missing and this part of the story rubs me the wrong way.Mal was a guy I might have a crush on. He was as real as Roberts manages it and Happy Ever After IS a contemporary romance novel, so I didn't expect too much. Compared to the hero of the first novel he's more like it. ; )I think there were some things that could have been better, but there is only so much to be done in the amount of pages an author get's to fill and as I've said I don't really love Roberts' voice, so I didn't expect much  more either.As for the series: Happy Ever After is a wonderful ending and I don't regret buying this one as an ebook. Also, I think I might buy some of her books as physical books someday.Especially in comparison to the other novels I've read by this author, I'm positively surprised! (Although, the disappointment that was 'Promise Me Tomorrow' came after that one, which was bad.. I expected something easy and funny like this, instead I got .. ew.)I liked it. I would probably not recommend the whole series, but this book was/is good. Then, again, there are several things I didn't like that much. Since I've pointed them out in my other reviews already, I'll just shut up now.