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Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey
Lois H. Gresh, Heather Graham, Midori, Sylvia Day, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Hope Tarr, Marc Shapiro, Jennifer Armintrout, Cecilia Tan, M. Christian, Ryan Field, Debra Hyde, Katharine Sands, Lori Perkins, Pamela Madsen, Judith Regan, Catherine Hiller, D.L. King, Lyss Stern, Rak
Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond
Kim Harrison
Cynthia Hand
Chicks Kick Butt
Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle)
Christopher Paolini
Sinn und Gehalt der sexuellen Perversionen (Geist und Psyche)
Medard Boss
Philippa Ballantine
Jamie McGuire
Bonded by Blood
Laurie London
My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon

Blüte der Tage

Blüte Der Tage - Nora Roberts One review said that next to the ghosty atmosphere and romance, this novel also contains lots of gardening tips. You see, I don't do flowers. I don't do nature. I like green. As.. maybe as wallpaper. Yes. I like green pullovers when children wear them. A friend of mine has a green bird, very sweet thing. I like all of these things. But I don't do gardens. For f- sake, I'm probably the only one (next to the one husband of Bree in Desperate Housewives) who murdered a cactus. In cold blood, I might add. I let the cactus die of thirst.I'm a cruel, evil person and I get crazy over people who buy flowers and act as if they like them. No, you don't like flowers. You just killed them! Now, they stand in your living room and die! It's like.. having a cat but eating chicken nuggets. At least, I admit that I'm a cactus-murderer. Except that maybe if it's just about gardening.. which isn't exactly flower-murdering, it might not annoy me as much? Although, I also get crazy over people who talk about flowers.. Like I do right now.. Um..Wow.. this was such a deep, philosophical discussion. I'm amazed by my own brilliance and reflectiveness. Update:I now found the perfect example for my problem with flowers and gardens and where it comes from.You see, when I was younger, 6 years or so, everyone at school started watching Pokémon. I liked it too and I bullied my mom into buying me a Gameboy Color. (She eventuelly bought herself one too and played Pokémon as well, by the way)Now, the first time I played, I chose Charmander. I instantly didn't want Bulbasaur, because.. well I didn't think I'd be able to win with a green something. But back then, it was just a feeling. Later, when I was in Celadon City (タマムシシティ or Prismania City) and had this big face-off with Erica, she seriously owned me. That b- killed me with her little stinky, green pokemon and then, selfrightously SMILED at me as if it was the best day ever. Can you imagine how I felt back then? I was so pissed off. So, now you know it. Dear reader, it was a traumatic experience, but I'm almost sure that no one else'll feel like that and you should definitely give books with flowers in them at least a try, although I won't take it against you if you wouldn't, now that you've heard this dramatic, desperate story of innocent longing, humiliation and loss.