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Head Rush (The Disillusionists Trilogy)

Head Rush - Carolyn Crane NOT sure about the rating yet.First of all: This was a very satisfying end. I usually mention Carolyn Crane when asked what I consider good urban|contemporary|paranormal fantasy. She writes believable characters and she either is a Justine or she did some good research. (Am I a Justine because I noticed the difference between "fight" and "win" right away? Huh, I should probably google the symptoms.. Ha.) I'm a little sad about Otto. I never was a big fan of his, but I didn't like his personality in the first 2/3 of the book. He does change in the end and I really think that this was the Sanchez I originally liked so much. There are no words to describe my Simon love, so I won't even try. Shelby got some got scenes, but I think all of the disillusionists, especially Helmut etc. didn't get enough time. That doesn't mean the book is any less good, it was just no TIME to put more scenes into the novel, I think. The pacing was near perfect and more pages would have destroyed it. So with the plot Crane used - and I liked it darn much - the only solution is to give each of them their own novella. So, Mrs. Crane, you see.. It's your own fault. No go and write some Simon, please.If you - like I myself - have almost given up on the genre, you might enjoy this series. Crane has a very enjoyable voice - Head Rush is easy to read and the whole series is a big success. The worldbuilding alone is so cool. There are highcaps - people with abilities like reading thoughts - and Packard, the actual hero, and Otto, the sort-of bad guy, are highcaps. People don't trust them, so they most of the times try to keep it a secret. Otto being the major even more so than normal highcaps would. Justine is a normal human, but Packard sort of gave her the ability to zing other people. This process 'transfers' her emotions, in this case her panic, onto them. Simon is very selfdestructive, Shelby suffers from clinical depressions. The list goes on. But they all are no highcaps. It's hard to explain the whole plot and I'm a little to do so right away. I will once I write the actual review, though. : ) This one was much better than the second - from the pet peeve point of view! - in my opinion, but less good than the first installment.